FAQ Page

Zone Alarm™ (Freeware)

In order to play FairPoint Games on Demand through your Zone Alarm firewall, you must set the firewall to allow communication with our game servers. To do this, follow the steps outlined below:

Add Trusted IP Addresses

  1. Right click on the Zone Alarm™ icon in the tool bar (next to the computer clock).
  2. Choose "Restore Zone Alarm™ Control Center", the Zone Alarm™ program will appear.
  3. Choose "Firewall".

  4. From within the firewall section, click on the "Zones" tab.

  5. Click "Add" and then select "IP address" to add the IP address of the game server. The "Add IP Address" window will appear.

  6. In the "Add IP Address" window, make sure the "Zone" box says "Trusted". In the IP address box enter ""; in the Description box enter "Games Server" (or whatever name you like), and click OK.

  7. Please the previous repeat step for the IP address in order to enable secure communication to all of the games servers.
  8. Click "Apply".
  9. Minimize the zone alarm program.
  10. This procedure should allow secure communication between the IP addresses of our game servers and your machine.
  11. Allow Gplayer.exe to Run
  12. 10From step #2 above, choose "Program Control".

  13. From within the Program Control section, click on the "Programs" tab.

  14. Click "Add" to add the Gplayer.exe program. The "Add Program" window will appear.

  15. In the "Add Program" window, type the path:
    "C:\Program Files\FairPoint Games on Demand player\Gplayer.exe" in the "File Name" box and click open.

  16. In the "Program Control" window, find the program: "EXETender" player, and click on the blue question mark sign (?). Select "Allow" on the box that appears. Do this for every question mark sign (?) in the "EXETender Player's" row.

  17. Close the window.

The above procedure will allow you to play FairPoint Games on Demand through your firewall without compromising your security.